Not Where I’d Planned to Be Today

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I think the cats in my household are taking the brunt of the medical trauma this year.

Maisy, the youngest of our crew of three (which is now down to two) has had some issues as of late that have made us regular visitors to the vet. This recent turn seems a bit more serious. It's obvious she isn't feeling well, not eating, not drinking, restless but tired, sleeping in odd places. She just seems muted, all around. Worrisome. Three days ago, she was just fine. I'm trying not to think about what all this might be adding up to.


This was Maisy's first foray into the backyard since we redid it. In the old yard, her favorite spot was under the coneflowers, rolling around in the catmint. Pure bliss.

I was waiting to introduce her to the new catmint patch until the plants had enough time to establish themselves. They deserved a fighting chance before Maisy rolled around on them. The nice thing about catmint is it can take a lot of squashing and will bounce right back.

IVs R Us

In other news, Scooter, my good old 19-year-old feline buddy, has been having a bit of a rough time of it lately. First some GI issues (that I won’t go into) and most recently elevated kidney levels and stomach nausea that’s been keeping him from eating like he should. In the week between his first and second vet visit, he’d lost 3/4 of a pound! Scary.

For the past three days he’s been getting a daily IV to replenish his fluids administered with a drug to calm his stomach and stimulate his appetite. So far, all indications are excellent as he’s eating like a pig, regained some weight and has the spark of life back. Time will tell if this is a temporary or permanent course of treatment but we’re encouraged.

Meet Simon’s Cat

NaBloPoMo, Day 4

Thanks to Elaine over on Random Jottings for reminding me about Simon’s Cat, which I wanted to share here. I’ve watched Simon Tofield’s film shorts multiple times and I laugh every time like it was the first. The films are witty, they look great in simple black and white, and the cat is darned cute. Not to mention they really resonate with anyone who’s spent any time around a cat.

Pop on over to the Simon’s Cat website and check out the films for yourself. And for you dog lovers, the last clip called “Fed Up” should amuse you as well.

Isn’t Maisy Radiant?

Doesn't Maisy Look Radiant?

Maisy is home safe and sound from her spa treatment. She did just fine and recovered her appetite quickly, the surest way to know she’s feeling okay. Other than a couple of shaved forearms, she looks fine and she’s made the rounds of the house five times, checking to make sure everything is as she left it. In a month, we’ll take her for back to the vet to check her T4 (thyroid) levels to determine if the radioactive iodine treatment was successful.

In the meantime, don’t sit to close. 🙂