Happy New Year!



Maple Trees in Bloom

Yesterday was spring.

The maple trees in the area have really outdone themselves this spring. For the past two weeks, they’ve been in vibrant bloom and last Thursday, with the rain, it was snowing maple blossoms. Just as in fall, when the weather causes the colorful leaves of each tree to drop directly beneath, resulting in eye-catching circles of red, yellow and orange carpeting the base of each tree, swaths of the sidewalk, street and parked cars were covered in tiny bright yellow flowers. It was something to see.




Posting Every Day (?)

Since October 23rd, I’ve posted to my blog every day. I got a jump start on November’s National Blog Posting Month and just kept on going. Initially, I was curious to see if it would boost my blogs stats (which it really hasn’t) and now going on month six, it’s become a personal challenge to see how long I can keep it up.

While I’m on vacation, I’m cheating a bit by preloading entries to correspond with our route. I hope to send photos from the iPhone. No promises.

Bon voyage. I’m outta here!

Take that Wine Order and Double It!

Last night the BVI crew gathered for our final planning meeting, a last chance to review what we’ll need, ask any questions, revise what we’ve provisioned, and compare what we’re all packing. More than anything, it was another fine excuse to share a delicious meal together. Rick served his annual Osso Bucco feast, which was outstanding, and many a bottle of wine was shared. Lots of good spirits and laughter around the table. If our trip is half as entertaining and fun as last night was, we’re in for a heck of a fun time.

Two things came from our meeting last night:

  1. We definitely need to double our red wine order.
  2. A Tom Jones medley needs to be added to our vacation soundtrack.

Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Testing Testing

Testing Testing

Addendum: It suddenly occurred to me last night, if Annie was bringing her iPhone on the trip (which she is), then I could post an occasional photo update to my blog from the islands. (Assuming we can pull the US phone signal from the BVI side of the islands.)

With Annie’s permission, I downloaded the Typepad iPhone app (which was free, quick and easy to do) and had posted the photo above in less than three minutes. Success!

This is a major reason why I’m looking forward to getting an iPhone. Photoblogging, including posting my Saturday 3 p.m. photos, will be a snap. Plus, while I know the iPhone gets a lot of crap for poor picture quality, compared to the camera phone I have now, this looks like a million bucks.

So, consider this my Saturday photo of the week. Though it wasn’t technically taken at three o’clock, I was doing the same thing I’ll be doing at three this afternoon–running around doing errands, tying up lose ends before the trip, and getting my hair cut. Tonight the crew gathers for our final pre-trip meeting. We’re in the home stretch now.

Randomness on a Friday Afternoon

  • I twittered about seeing the Jimmy John’s golden jaguar yesterday. I wasn’t seeing things. Apparently the Tribune found it newsworthy. Typical.
  • Also in the Tribune, Col. Sanders is filling potholes. Personally, I’m okay with corporations slapping their ads on the asphalt if it will help eliminate the craters covering our city streets. City workers sure can’t keep up. It seems for every one they fill, two more appear. Driving around Chicago takes defensive driving to a whole new level.
  • I’m not a big Maurice Sendak fan and I don’t recall ever reading Where the Wild Things Are, but judging from the trailer I’m looking forward to the movie. (Directed by Spike Jonze, with a script by Jonze and Dave Eggers!) Great use of an Arcade Fire song on the trailer.
  • And while we’re at it, I could sit through another Jack Black movie if it means I can laugh along with Michael Cera.
  • Finally, ’tis the season. Yeah Peeps!