Saturday 3 p.m. | Studying the Map of Gettysburg


I’m reading Gettysburg: The Last Invasion by Allen C. Guelzo, a comprehensive yet very readable book about the turning point of the American Civil War. One thing the book lacks though, is an overview map of the area, so I’ve bookmarked the National Park Service map on my phone to help orient myself during my reading.


Saturday 3 p.m.: Montrose Harbor

Saturday 3 pm: Montrose Harbor

Captain Rick is a week away from taking down the mast and motoring the boat up the river to dry dock, a sure sign that the fall is just around the corner. Yesterday we enjoyed the final sail of the season, followed by a steak dinner grilled on board. Thankfully, we had a gorgeous day, sunny and warm with just a slight nip of cool in the air out on the water. Before we left the dock, I had some fun with the new panorama function on the iPhone camera.

Saturday 3 p.m.: The Beer Cellar

Saturday 3 pm: Beer Cellar
Out with the old (CDs) and in with the new. The CDs were just taking up space and the beer was taking up floor space. Personally, I think these attractive bottles are as nice to look at as a row full of lovely book jackets.

The fate of the CDs is undecided. I’ve got the music backed up in multiple places and rarely, if ever, pull a disc out of the library. I’ll either store them or sell them. In the meantime, I’m happy with this tidy arrangement, which has enough room for the beer and preserves a special nook for the snowglobes. (And just for the record, this beer collection is a group effort. I’m just the lucky one who gets to store it.)

Saturday 3 p.m.: Home from the Artists’ Market

Saturday 3 p.m.: Post-art fair. Two down, one to go.

I’ve got two art shows under my belt now, having completed the second of three showings at my local Farmers’ Market this summer. I made a few sales but I’ve come to the conclusion that this is just not the venue for selling artwork. At least, not the way they have it set up, with the artists shoved over to the side where few people pass by. Plus, people who are shopping for fresh fruit and veggies just aren’t in the zone for buying art. Yesterday was fun and I’ve learned a lot doing this, so it has been a valuable experience.

Saturday 3 p.m.: Sewing Backdrops

Saturday 3 p.m.: Making backdrops

Sadly, I’ve fallen quite behind on my Saturday photo project. I’m trying to kickstart it back up again and will see if I can post directly to the blog from my phone, which is how I take most of my “Saturday 3 pm” photos. Otherwise, I fear it will just become a Facebook post and will be lost to the ether. Part of the reason I started recording what I was doing every Saturday at 3 p.m. was that it served as a kind of journal, a snapshot moment in time.

Last Saturday I spent part of the day knocking things off my never-ending To Do List. Here I’d finished sewing the edges of some burlap I’m using for backgrounds to shoot items I’m posting to my etsy shop. Man, nothing brings back memories of childhood like the smell of burlap!

Saturday 3 pm ~ It’s Been a While

Saturday 3 pm: Contemporary
My Saturday Three P-M photo series sure took a hit while I was busy shooting my feet every day. I’m fairly certain that I have a number of Saturday photos sitting in limbo but I don’t have the time or inclination to dig them up now. Maybe snowy winter day when I have nothing else to do. Ha!

I took this shot of the Trump Tower from the el platform, heading home after taking another downtown architecture tour; this one focused on modern skyscrapers. Obviously, the tour had changed quite a bit since I last took it, what, maybe ten years ago. It was a very comprehensive and interesting tour and I now finally understand the difference between modern and post-modern architecture.

Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Measuring My Stride

I'm taking part in a walking program, sponsored by the city's health department. I already do a darn lot of walking so I don't need much encouragement, but I have been meaning to get a pedometer and they were giving them away in the goodie bags along with a t-shirt and it was free, so why not?