Happy New Year!

Tapping the first growler of 2012
Well, hello there stranger! Remember me?

Yeah, long time no post. My new year’s resolution is to update the blog once every two months. (Joke.) Sad to say, that would be an improvement as of late. Can you believe that at one point, not that long ago, I was able to post to this blog ONCE A DAY FOR A YEAR?!

The new year seems as good a time as any to turn the trend and take up the blog again. Lord knows I’ve got a lot of catching up to do; book reviews to post and my photos and travel journal from France for starters.

I was in Kentucky over Christmas (more on that later as well) and stopped at one of my favorite places for beer, The Beer Trappe in Lexington. Resisted the urge to buy one of everything and instead limited myself to a mixed six-pack and a growler of Unibraue Trois Pistoles. We cracked open the growler today in honor of 2012 and I’m enjoying it with friends. It’s a dark, peppery, malty brew and I really like it. I would definitely get it again. There you go, my first recommendation of the new year.

Well, happy new year to all who (used to) regularly visit here. I wish you and yours a happy and healthy year filled with simple pleasures and great adventures.