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Feet First | 57

Wednesday, 3 November

Feet First | 57

What can I say? It’s a damn good show.


Back on the Ironside Paddy Wagon

IronsideAfter a very long hiatus, I’ve resumed my episode recaps of Ironside’s first season (1967-68) over on The Beachwood Reporter. If you’re new to my series rundowns, you might start here, which gives a little historical background to the project and includes the first episode.

Otherwise, jump right back in with me, mid-season (1967-68) for the Cold War episode entitled “The Fourteenth Runner.”

My next installment in the Ironside episode guide on The Beachwood Reporter.


I caught the re-run of the pilot episode for Fox’s new series Glee and watched it all the way through a second time. So yeah, I’d say I’m looking forward to this musical comedy on a weekly basis. Glee reminds me of how much I enjoyed watching the early years of Gilmore Girls and Ugly Betty–pure entertainment, pure fun.

I’m sorry that I didn’t know about the series starting up this evening to give a heads-up here but it’s easy to catch past episodes on the website or over on iTunes. Judging from GG and UB, this series has three good years ahead of it before it turns completely annoying and stupid.

Oh My Grey Gardens, I Can’t Wait to See This

When I heard they were making a narrative film based on one of my favorite documentary films, I was extremely skeptical, especially considering that Drew Barrymore was starring as Little Edie. After seeing the trailer, all reservations are gone and I cannot wait to see it. You can bet that when I return from my vacation, watching HBO’s Grey Gardens will be at the top of my immediate to-do list.

Ironside: Past is Prologue


I need only two words to describe this episode of Ironside: Harrison Ford. Like I’m sure you’ve never seen him before.

That should be enough to get you to pop over to The Beachwood Reporter to read my latest installment in the Ironside episode guide, if not get you to seek the episode to watch for yourself.