Maple Trees in Bloom

Yesterday was spring.

The maple trees in the area have really outdone themselves this spring. For the past two weeks, they’ve been in vibrant bloom and last Thursday, with the rain, it was snowing maple blossoms. Just as in fall, when the weather causes the colorful leaves of each tree to drop directly beneath, resulting in eye-catching circles of red, yellow and orange carpeting the base of each tree, swaths of the sidewalk, street and parked cars were covered in tiny bright yellow flowers. It was something to see.





Forget March, We’ve Skipped April and Headed Right Into May

The unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having this winter is rolling right into spring and things are budding, blooming, and leafing out very much ahead of schedule. These last two days have been downright hot and humid, which makes me think we’re in for a wicked summer.

In the meantime, it’s nice to see the first color of the season.

Early Bloomer


Look what I discovered this afternoon. The witch hazel bushes that were planted last fall are showing the first tiny blooms of spring. The second week of February seems early to me, but that’s probably a product of our crazy-warm winter–the warmest in eighty years.

While it’s nice to see a little (and I mean l-i-t-t-l-e) color in the yard, I’m still waiting for more snow. Hopefully I’ll get my wish tomorrow, when the prediction is for 6+ inches of lake effect snow. I’ll take it any way we can get it.

Beating the Heat

Feet First | 314

Monday, 18 July

Feet First | 314

JD had a week of camp out at the Chicago Botanic Garden and as luck would have it, it was during a ridiculously hot spell of weather, where the heat index blew past 100 each day we were out there. While she was digging for treasure, planting moon flowers, and learning about plants, I tried to keep cool, hydrating by the fountain and reading in the breeziest, shadiest places I could find.

Hot day at the garden.

Tornado Warning!

Feet First | 287

Tuesday, 21 June

Feet First | 286

Here I am, hanging out in the basement bathroom with the cats, while we waited 40 minutes for the tornado warning to be called off. It's very rare to have a full-on, head-to-the-basement kind of tornado event here in Evanston, so close to Lake Michigan. Thankfully, this is only the second time in all the years I've lived here that we've had to do so.

Apparently the damage in the area was extensive, with lots of downed power lines and trees. Other than a few flashes on and off of the electricity, we survived unscathed.