Chicago’s Tallest Building???

Not quite. For those of you  familiar with Chicago, this is the site formerly known as the Sun-Times building. Or as I thought of it, the ugly squat brown shoebox on the Chicago River.

When completed, in 2008 (!!!) the Trump International Hotel and Tower will be the fourth tallest in Chicago, behind the Sears Tower, Aon Center and the John Hancock.

If you want to see what it will look like, go here. If you want to see what it looks like now as a work in progress, go here. And if you want to pretend you have zillions to burn, dream a little and go play here.


3 thoughts on “Chicago’s Tallest Building???

  1. It was very weird to watch this building being torn down. I was never a big fan of the old Sun-Times building, but I always assumed it would stay there, squatting alongside the river. Hard to believe it’s now gone.

  2. Matt–I’m almost half-way through and so far I’m really enjoying it. I’m finding I get more out of it when I can read it in longer, uninterrupted bits of time, which accounts for less blogging and more reading this past weekend.

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