Review: The Best of Youth (2003)

Directed by Marco Tullio Giordana

Starring Luigi Lo Cascio and Alessio Boni

At six hours, I went in expecting more. Much more.

This six-hour Italian mini-series is making the national circuit of art house theatres, with critics falling all over themselves in praise.  To me, with my expectation bar set to Olympic heights, it felt like… well, watching a six-hour Italian miniseries. From the hippie ’60s to the present, the story follows two brothers through four decades of Italian social and political history. Their common link is their family and the women they love.

The acting is excellent, the story is never boring, and I’m not sorry that I saw it.  I just went in expecting more. Much more. With all the intimate personal drama going on, and cinematography that was shot for the small screen (it didn’t look real splendid on the big screen–at least in the print that I saw) I’d recommend waiting to see it on DVD. [***]

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