Time Travel to the White City

People who know me, know that I am a Columbian Exposition freak, who would give her right arm to time travel back to 1893 Chicago and stroll the fairground. Well, an architectural historian computer whiz named Lisa Snyder has done the next best thing, creating a virtual reality model that gives you the illusion of walking through the fair. Excellent! Sign me up!

If I’d known that Snyder was at the Museum of Science and Industry today demonstrating what she’s done so far (about 25% of the project is completed) I would have played hooky and checked it out. She’ll be back with updates, and I’ll be there!

And think of the possibilities of this kind of powerful technology being used to create first-person historical experience! Cool. I’m just thrilled that Snyder chose one of my favorite topics as her subject.

I found out about this via Chicagoist, which also pointed me to this fine resource all about the exposition.


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