Review: Beyond Tomorrow (1940)

The quest for a holiday classic I haven’t yet seen turned up this film. The cute premise became tedious. Also, it’s not very Xmasy.

It’s getting harder to find a holiday classic I haven’t seen (a million times.) My quest for a Christmas-themed oldie turned up Beyond Tomorrow. Though I’d never heard of it before, the cast of solid character actors, including C. Aubrey Smith and Maria Ouspenskaya (one of the coolest names in Hollywood history, ever) was a promising sign.

This one fit the bill until the halfway mark when the story abandoned the holiday theme and dragged on to become just another tedious second tier melodrama. The cute premise (millionaire ghosts returning to help young lovers reunite) took a slightly creepy religious turn and wasn’t nearly as charming as I’d hoped. [** out of 5]

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