The Old Faithful Webcam is Back!

And better than ever!

The new and improved webcam in Yellowstone has a higher resolution and better vantage point, showing a number of geysers in addition to Old Faithful. They post the predicted eruption time so you have an idea when the next show will be, plus or minus ten minutes.

The new camera placement doesn’t show as much of the crowd, which is too bad since the spectators could be as entertaining as the natural wonder they were looking at.

My favorite times are in between eruptions early and late in the day when bison wander through. Haven’t seen any yet.

Yeah, let the obsessive viewing begin…


2 thoughts on “The Old Faithful Webcam is Back!

  1. Oh, I missed the webcam! I agree, it’s fun to watch the crowds. Sometimes, you’d see a couple standing right where they knew the webcam would pick them up. They’d kiss or wave or something. I’d take a screenshot and post it on Flickr, thinking one day they’d run across it. OK, TMI. Anyway, thanks for the tip.

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