Glumore Girls

Allow me to beat a dead horse and reiterate my disappointment in the Gilmore Girls. I’ll admit up front that I jumped in to last night’s episode about twenty minutes in, but when I saw Luke’s annoying daughter April on screen, babbling babbling babbling I knew I hadn’t missed much.

I couldn’t care less about this father-daughter relationship, probably in part because the tired plot device of the “child you never knew you had” served to break up the Lorelei-Luke relationship, a storyline that had been building from day one. And, April/Luke are boring.

I’m really not digging the return of Christopher. I think his character is dull and slightly smug. If Lor can’t have Luke, then I say bring back Jason. Granted, he badly needed a shave, but he was much more fun to watch, matching Lorelei wit for wit. Christopher is like an annoying puppy dog that just keeps showing up on your doorstep no matter how many times you shoo him away.

And now that GGs has shafted the viewers by pulling the rug out from under a relationship they’d been nurturing for years, I think it might be even worse to have Luke and Lorelei get back together again. At this point, there’s no way that you could go back again without characters (and the audience) getting jerked around again in ways that betray the show. Not that they haven’t done it before (see Luke-April storyline, segue into Luke-Lorelei storyline.) Enough.

Rory moping over Logan is getting old old old. Watch Rory walk around a student art show, “covering” it for the paper and then, oh wow, she’s made some new friends. (Hey, she has a life, sorta, beyond Logan.) Yawn, I’m sorry, is this going somewhere? And is it just me or is Alexis Bledel’s acting getting progressively worse as the show goes on? And what is it about the girl that she can’t stand up straight? Wouldn’t Emily Gilmore have cured her precious granddaughter of slouching during the first season?

And while I’m gripping, here’s another thing that bugs the heck out of me about this show: Whenever a character is holding a takeout cup of coffee (which happens a lot on a show that gets a lot of mileage out of the main characters’ java obsession), they invariably whip the coffee around while talking, gesturing madly as they hold what is obviously a steaming cup full of air. Is it be too much to ask for the prop department to fill the cups with water, thereby forcing actors to hold their cup steady so as not to slosh? It happens all the time (Rory is by far the worst offender) and seems like a really sloppy error. Finally, it’s sad when the most entertaining portion of an episode has to do with a woman getting pulled over and hauled into jail for talking on her cell phone while driving.


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