A Gorgeous Weekend

Summer Skyline

I spent Sunday afternoon sailing on Lake Michigan. The weather this weekend was gorgeous, especially after having been soaked with rain for a week straight and pounded with a wicked storm last Thursday evening. Leading winds of 80 mph winds knocked over huge trees and downed power lines. Some folks are still without electricity.

We were lucky, no flooding and though our power flashed on and off, we never lost it completely. Just about everyone I know lost power overnight. I left work early Thursday to ride my bike home and beat the storm. I was watching the red blob on the radar screaming across Illinois toward Chicago and almost cut it too close, since I forgot I’d be riding into the storm. I was about halfway home when the first rain began to fall and was drenched in less than five minutes. As I pulled into the garage, the tornado sirens were going off and the wind and rain really picked up.

Saturday and Sunday were sunny and warm, not hot, not humid, and with a steady enough breeze to blow us around on the lake for a few hours. Floating around out there really is a great escape.

A few more photos can be found on my Flickr site.


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