Free Art

IMG_2459 - 2009-05-14

The Modern Wing officially opens today and all this week admission to the Art Institute is free.


7 thoughts on “Free Art

  1. I’ve been to Chicago many times but only to change planes at O’Hare (and once when I went through basic training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center.) I should plan a pleasure trip. In addition to visiting the Art Institute, I’ll stand on the glass ledge at the Skydeck.

  2. Come visit Mike! I’m always happy to play tour guide and show off the city. Except for the glass ledge–you’re on your own there. (shudders)

  3. It’s official! William, Laura, and I are coming to Chicago the weekend of August 1. We still need to work out when we’ll arrive – July 31 or August 1. Chicago is second only to New York when it comes to live theater. Where would I check to see what might be playing that weekend? The Art Institute and the Ledge are already on my list.

  4. That’s excellent news Mike! I hope we can get together while you’re here. If you’re up for it, I’d be happy to play tour guide.

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