Taken By Trees East of Eden on Repeat

Over the weekend, I downloaded the most recent album by Taken By Trees, singer Victoria Bergsman’s new band, and I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop ever since. I’d heard a couple of tracks on XMRadio, and then found her featured on NPR’s music site while trolling for new music. Hearing her cover of Animal Collective’s My Girls sealed it for me.

You may recognize Bergsman’s voice from her part on the hit song Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John. Her voice has been an acquired taste for me while the melodies and hypnotic rhythms of her songs had an immediate appeal that’s only increased with repeated listens. The album was recorded in Pakistan and melds Swedish pop with Pakistani musical elements for a truly eclectic collection of songs. Watch the Waves, My Boys, To Lose Someone, Greyest Love of All and Summer Sigh are my particular favorites, but then I’ve listed half the album, so you get the idea.


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