Before I Go to Sleep | Easily Forgettable

Before I Go To SleepBefore I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Each morning, Christine awakens to utter panic and confusion, not knowing where she is, who the stranger is next to her in bed (he’s her husband), or what has happened to the past 20 years. While she can recall scrambled snatches of her past (a flash from her childhood or a moment from college), each night while she sleeps, Christine forgets everything she has learned from the previous day. Told in a compelling first person narrative, the challenges of living day-to-day, relearning her situation, grappling with so many missing pieces, and adjusting to life with a stranger are compounded by the overarching mystery of “the accident” that explains her condition.

Unfortunately, this intriguing premise couldn’t be sustained. The plot became ridiculous and then tiresome, culminating in a predictable ending familiar to anyone who’s seen a by-the-numbers TV crime drama.


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