Happy Blogiversary (Plus Six)

I was recently reminded that it’s blogiversary time for 2things@once. Well sort of. Six years ago this month I became a beta tester for the then neophyte blogging service, TypePad. It was a lot of fun and I met many blog friends, some of whom are still visitors to this site. (I’d actually begun blogging six months earlier, using a different service which was hosted by a friend. I discovered TypePad and the rest is history.)

Like all yearly milestone markers, I feel a mixture of “really, it’s only been six years?!” and “wow, what a long six years it’s been.” I’ve enjoyed every aspect of it and fully expect to continue on for another six years. In this era of Twitter and Facebook (both of which I use) and any new social media yet to sweep the globe, I still enjoy the long format and flexibility that blogging affords me. It never seems a chore, even now as I’m undergoing a personal challenge to blog every single day for a year. What began as a way to archive and share my book reviews has blossomed into a lot more, a creative outlet I couldn’t have foreseen and have thoroughly enjoyed, even if it does at times feel like I’m the only one reading it.

At this anniversary time, let me say thank you to those of you who find my musings, opinions, observations, and photography entertaining enough to pop in whenever you do. An extra-special thanks to those who leave their own thoughts from time to time in the comments. Your participation is appreciated more than you know.


5 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary (Plus Six)

  1. Apparently the traditional gift for a six-year anniversary candy. Time to head on over to Piron. (The other gift for six years is iron. Time to “borrow” something from the Iron Age display at the Oriental Institute?)

  2. Good show! Your blog has offered me entertainment, info and humor. And without your introducing me to blogging, there never would have been a RAJA.

  3. Happy blogiversary! I found you a while back and am always delighted to see your posts show up in my reader.
    For your blogiversary, I wish you clear skies and fair winds!

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