Sick Day Sunday

NaBloPoMo, Day 29

Just a quick post here to say I’m back safe and nearly sound after a wonderful Thanksgiving spent in San Diego. Unfortunately, most of our group, both locals and visitors, was felled by one sort sickness or another at some point during the week. It didn’t manage to dampen our spirits or our appetites, as we pretty much ate our way through the five days I was there.

It was great to finally be “home” to gather with the family and relax among familiar surroundings. It’s been four-and-a-half years since our last visit (before Jen’s cancer/treatment) so we were long overdue. The weather could not have been more ideal–sunny and 70s nearly every day, until the last when San Diego finally had its first measurable amount of rain in over 150 days! I knew we were going to bring a little of the wet stuff with us from soggy Chicago.

It was extremely low key. The home I grew up in has a great view of downtown San Diego, the bay and the mountains behind so it was treat enough to spend as much time as we could outside, soaking up the sun, reading and chatting on the front porch.

And we drank tea. Lots and lots of tea. Lucky for us, we knew a good tea shop in town and could stock up on fresh, fragrant and healthy tea. I’ve never drunk so much tea in my life but I could think of no better way to flush the cold out of my system than with peppermint, red bush, chai, and relaxing calm teas.

Today, I laid low, taking it easy, trying to thwart my cold from turning into a hacking cough and storing up as much energy as I can for the coming week. (Four days with wee JD this week!) I read more of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (which finally became truly engaging around page 300), while sipping yet more tea (and cough syrup.)

I also began the healing treatment of Thai hot & sour soup. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold hold on for this long, and I firmly believe it’s because I haven’t taken a course of what I call “the healing soup” — until now. I fully expect to turn the corner tomorrow, after a few meals of soup, chock full of ginger, lemon grass, bamboo, and peppers.


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