A Culinary Time Capsule

Many years ago, while home over Thanksgiving, I came across my mother’s plastic green recipe box, crammed full of probably twenty years’ worth of culinary delights. My mother died in 1980, so when I pulled this box from its drawer (where it had been hiding in plain sight for a couple of decades) and finally delved in to see what was there, it was like opening a time capsule. A familiar, dated, comforting, and sometimes repulsive time capsule of cooking.

As we went through the recipes and pulled out some real gems, many of which I’d never seen (let alone eaten) before, we were howling with laughter, so hard at times it brought tears. I vowed to scan these recipes for safe keeping and to share them with friends. Many years after lugging this recipe box home on the plane, it seems the time is right. Here is the first of many edible (that’s debatable) delights (also debatable). Bon appetit!

I give you Eleanor’s Luncheon Salad. It’s an entire luncheon in a salad! I dare you to get through the ingredients list without feeling a little queasy.

eleanors luncheon salad


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